Jaanika Peerna

March Solace #8, 2020

Mylar, Pigment print, graphite, metallic pencils and colour

134.6 x 89.5 cm


Jaanika Peerna has created new climate drawings from blown-up photographic images of her sculptural work, without a doubt they are complex works. She addresses the important issues of climate change, which crucially has been central to her practice over the last few years. In these works, Peerna mirrors the layers of the ice in glaciers, the ‘Ice Memory’, and references their slow disappearance. She ensures they embody layering of time and personal history in her works. She then connects her new drawings intricately to her ‘Glacier Elegy’ performative work. Yet importantly these are private pieces, made in the studio. Finally, they become like a private grieving on the climate emergency.

Important to note, Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna’s work is fuelled by the forces of nature, and in particular, since 2017, she has taken on a more specific approach. Furthermore, she is now deeply concerned with addressing the climate breakdown we are all surrounded by. She communicates this, most of all, through her engaging installations, drawings and performances. In her new series, Peerna is using pre-existing work to create new work. Importantly, this is an ideal in line with themes of sustainability.

“My elements are line and light; my materials are pencils, vellum and video camera. As a vessel gathering subtle and rapturous processes in nature. I use the experiences and impulses to make my work. Then I record mist turning into water. By using slowly changing lights to cast shadows of mylar strips onto a wall. The slowness of shadows makes one wonder if there is any change at all. I am interested in the never-ending process of becoming with no story, no beginning, no end – just the current moment in flux.” Jaanika Peerna