Iasonas Kampanis

America, 2013

Photography - Heavyweight archival cotton rag paper

100 x 100 cm

Greek artist Iasonas Kampanis explores themes of documentation and technology through his surreal photography. Importantly, he borrows the name of his ‘Brave New World’ series from the homogenous Aldous Huxley novel. In the first place, he explores cultural and natural features in the work. Secondly, Kampanis looks at the affects of the radical and transformative power on the Digital Age. In this vein, ‘urges of the unconscious’ become the theme provoking conversation. Here we see that these defy regularity and explore a surrealistic parallel universe.

In the same way, importantly, his series ‘Brave New World’  is made up of ‘photographic performances’. In this example, this surreal photography depicts thoughts based on cultural and physical elements. He incorporates influences of the transformative power of the digital age. Simultaneously, ‘Snapshots’ from the journey to a digital world can easily be considered surreal. Above all, Kampanis delves into issues of publicity, sexual objectification, stereotypes and social isolation in his work.

“An image is a document. The very nature of the image subjects it to a continuous act of interpretation, so perceptual possibilities are infinite every time. Human nature involves qualities that characterize ways of communication within the artistic act. The ability of the brain to supplement a vague image, the state of awkwardness in front of symbols, the connection of mental freedom with play or humour, the instinct of collecting, the attraction towards the unknown and to anything related with the questions of reality and truth.”


$ 1,500

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