Florence Lam

Duo, 2014

UV art direct print on dibond aluminum

60 x 90 cm

Edition of 3 + 1 APs, number 1/3


In ‘Duo’, Florence Lam seems to achieve the virtually impossible. Part of a series of bubble photography, her aim is to visualise and sculpt with air. Through this, she creates a temporary and fluid photo-sculpture that can only be captured in a form of a still image.

Florence Lam’s works involve direct interaction or play with different sensory perspectives and deprivations. Thought these, she is able to convey different levels of experience of art. She strives to recall her audiences’ feeling of pure wonder. She achieves this by bringing an object in front of their eyes that seems physically impossible without life. Therefore, this then becomes a collective memory for all people regardless of time, place and background, and it is driven by the natural human instinct.

Co-produced by 5.