Emily Lazerwitz

Down the Rabbit (Worm) Hole, 2013

Giclee print mounted on aluminium

110 x 80 cm

Edition of 5 + 1 AP, number 1 of 5


Digital hand-typed tapestries are a signature motif of Emily Lazerwitz’s work. Tapestry art is a time consuming art form. Lazerwitz translates the text of the first chapter of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ into binary code. She then puts this code into a traditional tapestry design. She therefore produces a modern day version of this  traditional labour and art, replicating the process in a modern form. On closer inspection of the piece, the binary code is revealed. The grey and white pattern replicating American Folk quilt pattern emerges as 0s and 1s, Science and craft are fused. Importantly however, the work can be translated back into the exact text of the original.

As Emily says: ‘I create work that takes language, and in the case of my tapestries, manipulates it so that it cannot be understood. I do not change the content of the text or make it illegible. The ability to read the text is still possible, but most would not have the time or desire to read it.’

This work is part of a series of digital tapestries that Emily has made.