Emily Lazerwitz

Proof, 2020

Tufted wool rug mounted on frame

92 x 122 cm

Initially, as an artist and mathematician, Emily Lazerwitz’s politically lead research and data analyzing manifests itself in her highly-skilled monochrome textiles. Usually, Lazerwitz’s multi-faceted work addresses themes of technology, language and governmental data through a plethora of mixed media. Predominantly, Lazerwitz creates objects of intrigue that often question the embedded rules of language and question governmental values.

Together with this, Lazerwitz hand crafted her monochrome piece‘Proof’ (2020). Important to realize, Lazerwitz uses equipment to partly dictate the pattern in her monochrome textiles. To note, Lazerwitz creates the work whilst looking at an array of redacted documents and, initially, ‘Proof’ (2020) in pattern is reminiscent of that but now abstracted. In particular, this piece draws from her redacted book series focused on censorship and mark making.