Eleonora Agostini

Scene n.2 (The Swimmer) – One Must Imagine Him Happy series, 2018


7 minutes 52 seconds

Edition of 5, + 2 APs

In this video work, Eleonora Agostini takes a seemingly simple action, that of swimming, and uses it to focus on time and chance. This work is part of the series, ‘One Must Imagine Him Happy’, a triptych that takes as each starting point a straightforward action or event. Above all, the artist uses non-narrative domestic scenes characterised by the dryness of language.

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‘I want the viewer to explore the heaviness of time by emulating the time that happens in the scenes, and to find the moment where repetition is interrupted and control is lost. This is when the action starts again.’ Eleonora Agostini



£ 1,700