Eleonora Agostini

A Study on Waitressing, 2020

Composition of gelatin silver prints and c-type prints mounted on cardboard

92 x 80 cm


In Eleonora Agostini’s ‘A Study of Waitressing, 2020’, the artist uses collage as a form of exploration on rituals, repetition and the photographic process. In the work, the artist combines pre-existing materials from the darkroom. This includes materials such as contact sheets, test prints, cuts and experiments. She therefore seeks to explore the performance of labour by analysing the job of the waitress. And she is similarly seeking to find a connection with the process of the photographer. In the same way, the artist’s studio similarly then becomes a platform for the re-enactment of everyday labour.

‘A Study of Waitressing, 2020’ is a collaboration between the artist and her mother, the subject of each of the images. Agostini’s mother often features in her work.

The photographic collage is part of an ongoing series. The work was exhibited in the group exhibition ‘With Monochrome Eyes‘ earlier this year, alongside work by Martin Parr and others.
The work portrays the movements of a waitress through the technique of collage. In doing so, it references the work of early photographers. For instance, referencing Eadweard Muybridge, who was famous for his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion.