Eleonora Agostini

Scene n.3 (Man peeling potatoes) – One Must Imagine Him Happy series, 2018


12 minutes 9 seconds

Edition of 5, + 2 APs

‘I want the viewer to explore the heaviness of time by emulating the time that happens in the scenes, and to find the moment where repetition is interrupted and control is lost. This is when the action starts again.’ Eleonora Agostini

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Agostini’s practice encompasses photography, performance and sculpture. She drives her practice with her interest in the reconsideration and redefinition of the every-day. She aims to investigate the difficulties of how human experience is constructed, with her study of preconceived structures, whether physical or psychological. Agostini’s interests lie in finding a possible fracture within our socially constructed rules and the spaces we inhabit. For instance, she achieves this is through the fabrication of scenarios for the camera or the documentation of conventional activities. Similarly, the artist uses humour and absurdity as vessels for the discovery of new meaning within the mundane. They also transform an ordinary space into a place of experimentation.


£ 1,700