Eleonora Agostini

Family Portrait, 2018

Gelatin Silver Hand Print

24 x 30 cm

Edition of 5 + 2 APs, number 1 of 5

‘ Family Portrait ‘, by Eleonora Agostini, on first glance seems to be exactly that. Image of a family group. However, on closer inspection, the staged portrait starts revealing itself. The artist has carefully place each family member on the ladders, creating a structure. Agostini uses the structures within the frame to create a visual representation of the questioning of relationship powers in the family.

Part of the series ‘A Blurry Aftertaste’, a collection of photographs and one sculpture that consider the complexity of the domestic space, this work has a novel subject. The hierarchy is demonstrated and then questioned. The figures themselves seem to balance on the edge, suggesting a precariousness, both literal and metaphorical. Yet they also support each other, as families do.
However, in common with the other works in the series, the figures have a performative element to them. The images relates to the images of household objects similarly precariously balanced. As such, Agostini explores the nature of the domestic from many angles.
Photographs from this series are in the Government Art Collection.