Eleonora Agostini

A Cast of a Crumpled Pillow, 2018


45 x 65 x 15 cm


A Contemporary Sculpture by artist Eleonora Agostini, ‘A Cast of a Crumpled Pillow’, epitomises the artist’s deft touch. The sculpture is made of plaster. The colour and subject suggests lightness. Yet this is dense plaster, not a feather filled pillow. Viewing it becomes a trick of our imagination. No longer a pillow, it is however now a dense cast. The work is part of her series ‘A Blurry Aftertaste’. This series consists of a mix of both photography and sculpture. Works from this series have recently been exhibited at the South London Gallery and are in the Government Art Collection.

Eleonora’s practice encompasses photography, performance, sculpture and moving image. What drives it is  her interest in the reconsideration and redefinition of the every-day. Similarly, she focuses on the overlooked and the unexceptional. Similarly, she celebrates them by shining a light on them. Above all, this sculpture typifies this approach, with an elegant and humorous approach. However, this work also references art history, from Duchamp‘s celebration of the every-day, to Rachel Whiteread‘s casts. Above all, it easily stands alongside these icons of Contemporary Sculpture.