Eleonora Agostini

Angolo Cottura, 2018

Silver gelatine hand print

42 x 35 cm

Edition of 5 + 2 APs, number 2 of 5

Eleanora Agostini takes Still-life photography to a new level in ‘Angolo Cottura’, 2018. The title is the Italian word for kitchen. The entire contents of the kitchen from Eleonora’s family home are on display. Objects are precariously balanced. A knife hangs over the edge of the table. Salt, coffee pots and a ladle are teetering. The everyday objects celebrated. However, as in all still lives, they take on allegorical meaning. The objects symbolise the family and the home. There is a careful internal order and balance, which is not immediately visible. The composition makes a direct reference to that in other works from the same series, for instance ‘Family Portrait’ and ‘Relaxation Island’. Similarly, she conveys and explores the idea of instability.
Not only does the subject matter raise the question of the role of labour within the borders of the home. It also questions preconceived structures, whether physical or psychological. Therefore Agostini aims to engage with the difficulties of how human experience is constructed.