Eleonora Agostini

Folded Towels, 2018

Gelatin silver Hand print

66 x 52 cm

Edition of 5 + 2 APs, number 3 of 5

Black & White Photography is key for Eleonora Agostini. She uses it to great effect in this photograph. In ‘Folded Towels’, the seeming simplicity underlies complex themes. The work shows all the towels from a single household. They are piled neatly onto of each other. However, the precision of the scene, capturing the everyday, is carefully stage-managed by Agostini. Above all, this allows the work to become a contemporary still-life.

Similarly, the textures and colours of the towels in the pile become like a treatise on the formal qualities of artworks. However, the artist pulls it back to the context of the domestic. She achieves this with the inclusion of the arms at the top and bottom. This therefore encourages the viewer to imagine the narrative behind it.

This work is part of a larger series of works by the artist. ‘A Blurry Aftertaste’ consists of photographs and a sculpture. Similarly, the series considers the complexity of the domestic space. Throughout, Agostini’s interest in the reconsideration and redefinition of the every-day drives the series. The examination of the towels typifies this.

Work from this series was shown at the South London Gallery and is in the Government Art Collection.