Caro Halford

Handsome Helen, 2020

Collage, oil paint, 24 carat gold leaf, onion skin, dyed nylon, nylon cord

60 x 42 cm

Caro Halford’s collage painting ‘Handsome Helen’ is a multimedia work. It consists of collage, oil paint, 24 carat gold leaf, onion skin dyed nylon and nylon cord.

In this collage, Caro draws her inspiration from a section of an Angelica Kauffman painting. This work is shown in the Spotlights Room at the Tate Britain entitled  ‘Paris and Helen directing Cupid to inflame each other’s hearts with love’, 1773. The story of romance between hero Paris and the famously handsome Helen of Troy was a favourite subject for painters in the 18th century, and Caro gives it a C21st makeover.

This work is part of a series of collage paintings. Caro Halford’s aim in these works is to champion women often overshadowed by men, bringing them back into the spotlight.

(Photography by Susan Martin)