Caro Halford

Angelica and I, 2020


15 x 10 cm



Caro Halford’s new multi media collage work, in particular investigates the British women printmakers in the Long Eighteenth Century. She is passionate about addressing the absence of these women. Especially those who have been in the shadows of their male contemporaries. In her body of work, Halford often examines social and political concerns of women and their sexuality. Predominantly, she works in performance, video, sculpture to collage and photography to address these themes.

Halford’s multi media collage ‘Angelica and I’ is linked to a sound piece she showed at the Royal College of Art, in the MRes Interim Show in 2019. Halford often uses audio in her work to create dialogue between the work and audience. For the most part she adds duplicity with use of these different mediums. The adaptive sound piece that accompanied ‘Angelica and I’ also accompanied her research, a large part of her work process.

Often, Halford feels like she is having a conversation with the female artists she researches, as well as a continuous internal dialogue as a female artist. She fully immerses herself into the works. Crucially she is adapting to the mindset of the chosen female artist through dress up and performance. In ‘Angelica and I’, Halford includes herself as a kind of self portrait in the multi media collage, as part of the immersive nature of her working process.