Andy Cross

One Afternoon (Catherine), 2015

Oil on canvas

76 x 61 x 2.5 cm

This colourful painting depicts a friend of the New York based artist Andy Cross, named simply Catherine. In the artwork, Cross’s use of light plays with our sense of depth. Similarly, the painting evokes optimism in his use of ‘sunshine yellow’ in amongst bright and contrasting hues. In spite of the elated certainty of the image, loose gestural brushstrokes portray an underlying emotive, stream-of-consciousness.

Cross layers sundry stylistic approaches and wide-ranging narrative themes in vibrant, zippy paintings that often defy categorisation. A self-proclaimed wanderer, Cross culls memories, objects and impressions from travels around the world. As Cross plumbs the depths of his memory for meaningful experiences, figures and symbols, he builds a body of work that is at once highly personal and broadly universal.

‘This series of works all share my limited palette of silver and yellow. Yellow symbolises warmth, spirituality and light. Whereas, silver is like stain-less steal – modern, clean, hard, cold and almost sci-fi. The colours create both a visual balance and tension, that I find reflected in the world around me.’

Andy Cross’s 2013 solo exhibition ‘House Painter‘ at Collezione Maramotti displayed an array of paintings that became a narrative of the artist’s experimentation with pictorial language. Each painting was made independently of each other. Only later did Cross assemble them to become part of a more pervasive and comprehensive experience.


$ 6,500

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