Alicja Dobrucka

Untitled #4, Nico series, 2016/2020


41 x 51 cm

Edition of 5 + 1 AP, number 1 of 5


Alicija Dobrucka has chosen building in the neighbourhoods of Sumida-Ku and Koto-Kut to make up most of her 2016 photography series Nico.

The night light casts a sense of secrecy and intrigue on seemingly ordinary building facades in the areas of Tokyo she inhabited during her Wondersite residency. Subsequently, what appeared to her as an array of simple, non-descript houses soon became the source of revelation for her once night fell. The fourth image from Dobrucka’s series unveils the beauty of Tokyo’s ostensibly mundane streets past sunset.

In addition to the focus on light and tone in this work, Dobrucka likens the buildings to a stage. Reminiscent of a theatrical backdrop, photographically they are emotive and cinematic in quality.