Alicja Dobrucka

Untitled #2, Nico series, 2016/2020


41 x 51 cm

Edition of 5 + 1 AP, number 1 of 5


Light and shadow are key elements in this architecture photography series by Alicja Dobrucka. ‘Untitled #2‘ captures the eery calm of Tokyo at night. The work is taken with a large format camera. This slow, analogue process creates an image that is considerate. It allows the night light to become like candle light, illuminating the building and bringing it out of the shadows of the night.

When making this series of work, Alicia was influenced by the writings of Tanizaki. ‘In Praise of Shadows’, his essay on aesthetics would come to her mind. Tanizaki declared that there is ‘no beauty without shadows’. In her photographs of these Tokyo nights, Alicja therefore creates a visual treatise demonstrating this. She highlights and celebrate the facades of the building at night. Similarly, they become portraits and are intricately linked to the portraits of the characters she meets in Nico, her favourite bar. Above all, Dobrucka creates a world full of possibility through this photography of Tokyo architecture at night.