Yuxin Su

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwanese artist Yuxin Su, primarily, develops her body of work across different media from; paintings, collages, photography and experimental hand-made artist books. She is concerned with the understanding of time, specifically, within the static media emphasising on the way images hold time.

Above all, painting is an act of remembrance for her, as painting is a fragment of another longer time-based or bigger narrative.

“Painters make paintings, trying to hold the time. But they know: As they say the more they remember, the more they forgot. The Image is the scar of some incompletion, of imperfection; something in our lives stutters. And that imperfection is precisely the necessary condition for the continuous existence of the image or it will just lead back to that current of lost time. The thing we truly forget is only the perfect, the finished.”

Key facts

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  • MFA Painting Slade School of Fine Art, UCL
  • MFA Painting, Taipei National University of The Arts (TNUA);
  • BFA Major in Chinese Painting, Taipei National University of The Arts (TNUA).
  • Solo exhibitions include A Hue to Spell, KuanDu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei (2019)
  • Group exhibitions include ‘Almost No Memory’, Madein Gallery, Shanghai; ‘hic sunt leones’, 798 Art Centre, Beijing; ‘Taiwan Biennial- Wild Rhizome’, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung; ‘Building Code Violation III’, Special Economic Zone, Long March Space, Beijing; ‘A World in a Grain of Sand: Mapping Shapes and Sites for Social Deometries’, Atlantis Fosun Foundation, Sanya; 2017 Art Basel, Long March Space, Basel;’Future Island’, Saatchi Gallery, London; Slade Degree Show, UCL, London; ‘Refuse: Refuge: Re-fuse’, The Koppel Project, London.
  • Awards include The Opening Stage: New Artists Funding Program, The Ministry of Culture, Taiwan