Yan Gi Cheng


Berlin based artist Yan Gi Cheng explores the merging of new contingencies between art, philosophy, religion, science and design. He explores the disparate trajectories across these disciplines in his work. This often forces contradictory gestures and relations to coexist as one.

Cheng is from both western and non western cultures, subsequently, this has been a catalyst to find ways of making art which transcends national categorisation. Yan aims to gain a deeper understanding of the universal laws of geometry. Importantly, this has been an underlying theme throughout his artistic evolution.

He explores the meaning of Geometry; ‘measure of the world’ and it’s place as an ancient practice of philosophers, mathematicians and artists since ancient times. Ultimately, reality consists of pure essences or archetypal ideas, of which the phenomena we perceive are mere reflections. Through geometry, Yan seeks to articulate the metaphysical realms, in turn, a seemingly common mathematical activity becomes a discipline for intellectual and spiritual insight.

Key facts

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  • MA Contemporary Art from the Chelsea College of Arts – University of the Arts London, London (2008) and a second MA at Transart Institute, New York (2015)
  • Artist-in-residence at Residency Unlimited, New York (2014)
  • Solo and group shows include ‘PALA FRUITS _ Hierarchy of Perception’, Plateau Gallery (Berlin, 2015); ‘Curated by NoLIta‘, The Nolitan Hotel (New York, 2014); ‘Neoscapes’, Boom Gallery (Hong Kong, 2012); ‘Representation beyond representation / Landscape beyond landscape’, Kapok Gallery (Hong Kong, 2012); ‘Power Woman’ &’It’s just a F***ing Collection’ Ground Zero (Hong Kong/Paris, 2011)

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