Mary Wintour


Mary Wintour is a visual artist based in London.

Using paint to edit and fuse together images from interior design magazines, Mary Wintour imagines locations in which the margins of formal and psychological space are fluid.

She is interested in how recognised details of domestic environments can become charged when introduced to new contexts, and uses the resulting discord to generate a departure from familiarity. In largely omitting these spaces’ inhabitants, she explores a tableau of objects’ potential to suggest a narrative.

Key facts

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  • Born in London in 1988
  • Currently pursuing a MFA at The Slade School of Fine Art
  • Holds a BA in Painting and Printmaking from the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (2010)
  • Shortlisted for the SOLO Award (2015 & 2014); Premio-Combat Prize (2014); Griffin Art Prize (2013); and Title Art Prize (2013); and was runner up for the Gilchrist-Fisher Award (2014)
  • Awarded a year’s sponsorship from Windsor and Newton (2013-14)
  • Selected for the Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries (2011)
  • Exhibited in shows, including ‘Oh She Does Like To Be By The Seeside’, Shelf London, Spanish City, Newcasle, (2018), ‘Lovell Prize’, two person show, 5A Gransden Ave, London (2017), ‘Either Those Curtains’ at FOLD Gallery, (London, 2016); ‘I Thought You Knew’, Intermedia Gallery, CCA, (Glasgow, 2016); ‘The Other Side’, Chelsea Art’s Club (London, 2015); ‘Looking at The Reflection of Reality’, Federation House (Manchester, 2015); ‘Curated by Paul Smith & friends’, Paul Smith – Albemarle Street (London, 2014); ‘Saturnalia’, the Chelsea Arts Club (London, 2013); ‘The Crooked Tree’, Creed Court (London, 2013); ‘The Title Art Prize’, BLANKSPACE (Manchester, 2013); ‘If Whales Had Feet’, The Gallery (London, 2012); ‘New Contemporaries’, Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh, 2011)