Maria Carbonell

Madrid, Spain

Artist Maria Carbonell places focus on the study of the human figure in her artistic practice. Firstly, her body of work develops into portraits that deal with the concept of identity and perception. Secondly, her work incorporates a reflection about the human condition with a particular interest in aspects such as the inevitability of isolation and the awareness of the inescapability of death.

“The image plays an important role in my work. I like creating sceneries where the image is telling something; where it makes you question your point of view as a spectator. And for this purpose, I use figures. I try to place them in a space that is familiar but yet undefined…

The more you try to represent reality the further you are of it. And what I like most of it is that, at the end, you realise that it is just painting.”

Key facts

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  • PhD Fine Arts from San Carlos Faculty of Fine Arts, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain (2005)
  • XIX National Painting Prize Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos de Valencia. Espai d’Art Colón. Valencia (2017)
  • Finalist BP Portrait Award, London (2014, 2015,)
  • Solo and group shows include D’Acosta. Birimbao Gallery. Seville (2019), Trench. Space Zero Gallery. Huelva (2018), 3rd Ciutat Vella Oberta Art Biennial. Center of the Carme. Valencia (2017), Unheimlich: Visions of the sinister. Space AB9. Murcia (2016), Art Madrid 14. Gallery 3 Punts. Madrid (2014), ‘New Figuration’, 3 Punts Galerie (Berlin, 2013); ‘Figurativas 2013’, MEAM – Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (Barcelona, 2013); ‘Those who look’, BJ Art Gallery (Paris, 2013); ‘Miscellaneous works’, Palacio de Garcigrande de Caja España – Caja Duero (Salamanca, 2012)