Janet Currier

London, UK

Artist Janet Currier’s work hovers on the intersection between abstraction and representation, narrative and non-narrative, thought and feeling. Mostly, her practice spans painting, sculpture and installation, these are all intricately connected.

To begin with, she uses found or imagined pattern to explore everyday experiences and emotions. Eventually, the pattern from an old sheet becomes a stand in for the mundane diurnal routine that stops things spinning out of control. The minute weave of the hospital cubical curtain equally is a metaphor for the harshness of medical treatment. Similarly, pattern is painstakingly reiterated as a way of honouring the skill and intimate labour of looking after others.

The repeated mark making also relates to deeper processes. In the same way, like stitching, sometimes it’s a mesmerising gesture that enables feelings to float up the surface. At other times, a self-soothing performative action that anchors the subject in times of trauma. However, the body is never far away: represented by abject leaking drips, or stains, or expanses of raw sore skin. Equally, the artist is deeply engaged with the theme of the maternal subject across her practice and research.



An Interview with Janet Currier Aug 2020

Key facts

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  • BA Fine Art University of Leeds
  • MFA Goldsmiths College in 2017 & Warden’s Art Prize.
  • Elephant Residency at Griffin Studios in 2017.
  • Solo & Group Exhibitions: Come to the window at Harts Lane London (2014), Mothership 1 and 2 in Sawmills Wandsworth and Bruton Arts Factory Somerset (2017), Substrate at No Format Gallery (2018), Entitled At Spike Island Arts Bristol (2018) and Waiting Room (Deptford X 2018), After Hours at San Mei Gallery Brixton (2019), Fuzzy Objects, San Mei Gallery (2020).