Florence Lam

Reykjavík, Iceland

Florence Lam is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist. Originally from Hong Kong, she now lives and works between Reykjavík, Iceland and Germany.

Her practice is an exercise for herself to be hopeful in any situation she encounters. Firstly, she achieves this by working towards mainly live art. This includes performance, installation and poetry. Secondly, Lam experiments with methods of magical thinking, anthropomorphism and wonder. She does this in order to elastify world views, treating all elements in her work as equal in the context of universal acceptance and respect. Finally, her aim is to explore the fertility and sterility of the mind manifested through the properties of the biological body and language as a hint to the evolution of human values and spiritual understanding.

In conclusion, much of her work is time-based. In it, the artist invites the audiences to witness the birth and constant deterioration of material as a performance. The artist places herself in a position where she is in control of the presentation while simultaneously being completely out of control of how the material performs. She, therefore, creates an illusion of familiar intimacy, exposing the life within the materials as they interact with audiences.

Key facts

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  • MA in Fine Art at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík (2017) and BA in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London (2014).
  • Recent exhibitions include ‘You Will Find Me in the Garden’, Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art (Chiba, Japan, 2019); ‘Peppermint’, Kling & Bang, Reykjavík Art Festival (Reykjavík, Iceland, 2018); and ‘The Artist Disappears’, Cabaret der Kunstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire, Manifesta 11 (Zurich, Switzerland, 2016); ‘Curated by Paul Smith & Friends’, Paul Smith – Albemarle Street (London, 2014); ‘When.Arts.Meet’, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (Hong Kong, 2013); ‘Tomb Raiders’, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology, UCL (London, 2013)