Caro Halford

London, UK

Predominantly, artist Caro Halford​ creates work that spans from performance, video, sculpture to collage and photography. Much of her work, crucially, examines social and political concerns of women and their sexuality.

Primarily, the work of Caro Halford is focused on investigating the British women printmakers in the Long Eighteenth Century. In particular, she examines artists Angelica Kauffman (1741 – 1807) and Mary Moser (1744 – 1819) and their female contemporaries. Similarly, Halford is passionate about addressing the absence of these women, who have been in the shadows of their male contemporaries. Subsequently, she achieves this through artistic processes, collage, painting and performance.

Recent Work

However, recently Halford has undertaken a sequence of performances with spoken word, including ‘Angelica and I’ in the Spotlights Room, Tate Britain. As well as this, she performed ‘Mary Moser’ at the National Portrait Gallery.

Key facts

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  • MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, (London, 2016)
  • MA in Art and Space, Kingston University, (London, 2011)
  • Exhibitions include ‘If you have got that feeling’ 2015 showing at ALIVE IN THE UNIVERSE, Venice Biennale (2019), ‘I have at Meeting with Mary Moser!’, Blyth Gallery, ‘A Day in the Life of a 1950’s Housewife’ (2019), WIMMIN (2018), Royal Academy, London, and group shows including ‘BADASS FEMALES No. 3’, Printer of Dreams, (London, 2016); ‘I Keep Losing Balance’, Maverick Expo, Bargehouse, (Oxo Tower Wharf, 2015); ‘I Keep Losing Balance’, Lit Crawl, (London, 2015); ‘If You Have Got That Feeling’, Di Carta / Papermade Biennial International Paper made Art Work Exhibition, London Print Studio, (London, 2013); UK Sluice Art Fair, UK Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries (London, 2013); Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, (London, 2012); ‘Bad Behaviour’, Brixton East Gallery, (London, 2012); ‘Thank you and Goodbye’ MA Show, Kingston University, (Kingston, 2011); ‘Fluxion’, Toilet Gallery, (Kingston, 2009)
  • Performances at Tate Britain and the National Portrait Gallery, amongst other venues
  • Co-curator of ‘Mothership’, an exhibition exploring themes of the mother artists
  • Collection – Halford’s work has been acquired by collections in London, New York and Italy