Andy Cross

New York, USA

Andy Cross is an American visual artist based in New York. Predominantly, in his practice he layers sundry stylistic approaches and wide-ranging narrative themes in vibrant, zippy paintings that often defy categorisation. As well as this, he is a self-proclaimed wanderer, Cross culls memories, objects and impressions from travels around the world (lush American forests, lavish Indian temples, ascetic Japanese monasteries). Eventually, he synthesises them into rich compositions that blend art historical, spiritual and cultural references.

Ulimately, Cross’s energetic use of colour and loose gestural brushstrokes evidence an emotive, stream-of-consciousness approach to painting. In this way, as Cross plumbs the depths of his memory for meaningful experiences, figures and symbols, he builds a body of work that is at once highly personal and broadly universal.

Key facts

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  • BFA in Painting/Printmaking Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia (2001)
  • MFA in Painting Hunter College, New York (2005)
  • Exhibited in solo and group shows including ZieherSmith Gallery, Civil Eyes, New York, NY (2018), Memorial Sloan Kettering, Star Pupil, New York, NY (2018), Mindy Solomon Gallery, Weekend, Miami, Fl (2017), ‘Color against Color’, Ortega y Gasset Projects (New York, 2015); ‘Mirror Venus’, Sardine Gallery (New York, 2014); ‘All-Mother’, Cathouse FUNeral (New York, 2014); ‘House Painter’, Maramotti Collection (Reggio Emilia, 2013); ‘Ego Identity’, M2A Gallery (Dresden, 2013); ‘House Painter’, Martos Gallery (New York, 2012); ‘Painting as Radical Form’, Maramotti Collection (Reggio Emilia, 2012)